904, 2021

Design and continuous research for modular systems

Modularity and safety above all. These are the main distinguishing features of our modular systems for loading powders, subject of continuous research in terms of materials, versatile composition and methods of use. Multifunctional and configurable in various ways, these filling stations reconfigure operational spaces in the production department, with maximum customisation and safety.

1703, 2021

Custom made systems – Italian know-how at its best

In addressing the challenges of plant complexity, #Idealtec S.r.l., strong in the maturity of many experiences in the field and thanks to constant, open dialogue with the customer, intervened in a production process divided into six work phases. These were grouped into three macro-groups, comprising three contiguous lines of #aeromechanical #conveyors, in a coordinated sequence, replicated in successive departments by chain conveyor lines.

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