Technology finds millimetric solutions and the ‘human factor’ makes the difference, giving meaning to our work.

Handling the powders, writing the plant’s technical handbook, knowing the individual characteristics of the material’s flow, for us means taking care of everything around the product.

We have always had a vision of the whole and of the details, tirelessly committed to safety and eco-efficiency.

This means keeping up with national and international standards and regulations; it means striving to understand and analyse all elements of a project, every possible response to a step; it means knowing inside out those companies that turn to Idealtec, together discovering how we can make systems or machinery more efficient.

The same purpose that leads us to patent and provide accessories, designed to progressively improve the operation of our clients.

We’re up for any kind of challenge.

We are well aware that no two requests are the same. This is why our products are all different. We like to challenge ourselves with different sectors and types of materials, always new.

Each request has its own life, each product its own story.

Quality relationships are developed while planning, developing and building together each machine, each system, as everyone who contacts us and does a project with us well knows.

So we are proud to declare that the relationship with clients is our story, our treasure.

Safety is our commitment.

Innovation is our rule.