What we do

We have a lot of powder at our back, a lot of powder on our hands.

We know this “language” well. We know how to enter into the mechanics of requirements, at every level and for every customer, ready to intervene at any stage of the process.

We look forward, with the experience of years spent innovating, responding promptly to the very diverse requirements brought to us, questioning ourselves about the individual components and the various characteristics, never taking anything for granted.

We continuously invest resources and energies in research and training, for the constant progress of individuals and team: we operate in the field of an “experiential discipline”, and we are attentive researchers, enthusiastic experimenters and passionate protagonists.

We spend time listening to and studying every client’s specifics, to achieve quality in the design, manufacture and installation of machines and systems for storing, dosing and conveying powders or granular materials – each with complex characteristics and properties, in terms of flow threshold, speed profiles, or degree of contamination.

We don’t give standard replies, and we don’t have any. It’s not our language. It’s not our style.

In this soil grows the trust that we cultivate, over time.