About us

Here at Idealtec we have a certain style: we listen to the needs of clients, follow up their requests as they develop, fine-tuning with care the implementation of products and systems.
This means designing each project with the dedication and passion reserved for “one-off items”, arranging and combining the elements to perfection, above all in line with the latest international standards, to ensure safety and total quality – always.
Before, during and after commissioning.
That’s why our machines work, and work well – and we can proudly say that we have never withdrawn a product…

Ready to intervene at any juncture, we are convinced that responsibility is a life choice, not a declaration of intent. Given the need for efficiency, we prefer first of all to act to resolve the situation.

We began life in 2005 – introducing and customising aeromechanical handling in Italy – with the desire to explore all ways of designing, manufacturing and installing totally customised machines and systems for storing, dosing and conveying powders or granular materials.

Whether coatings, sugars or titanium, we follow every phase, taking care of every detail.
Any material is an exciting challenge for us, which we strive to overcome by finding “the” solution that meets all the client’s demands.

We like to give precise answers.

To this we add beauty – we seek for it, we conceive it, we create it.
We’re Italian – we design our products like bespoke tailoring, scrutinising their lines and forms with the same application and attention needed to deliver efficient functioning.

We carry out industrial projects with the skill of craftsmen.

Each project is a journey – unique and unrepeatable – that we take with our clients, taking us from our workshops in the province of Bergamo to travel and operate all over the world.